World Water Week: The Water Scarcity Clock is ticking at a rather alarming rate

Water scarcity is a bigger issue than many people realise, which is why the official launch of the Water Scarcity Clock at SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute) World Water Week is particularly profound.

Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation in South Africa, David Mahlobo hit the nail on the head when he stated at a welcoming cocktail event that, “every drop of water that is wasted today, somebody, somewhere is desperately looking for it.”

The Water Scarcity Clock is an online platform that encourages users to interactively participate in improving their knowledge on this topic.

It shows the number of people living in extreme water scarcity worldwide and projects future numbers. Furthermore, users are able to scroll into their own regions to see what the water situation is where they live. The idea of the clock is to raise awareness and visibility of this massive global crisis.

Sara Bizarre launches the Water Scarcity Clock

The water crisis in Cape Town, where residents stared down the barrel of the ‘Day Zero’ gun, has been used as an example of what people are capable of when they are aware and willing to do what it takes to avert a crisis. It is hoped that the Water Scarcity Clock will raise sufficient awareness, that ultimately its countdown could be stopped, and even reversed.

A total of 17 countries worldwide, representing a quarter of all the people living on earth, are facing what is referred to as Extreme Water Stress. Water scarcity is not ‘someone else’s’ problem, it is ours – and it is the responsibility of every human being sharing this earth to assist in finding the solution.

Source: Capricorn Review