Why we need tech-savvy profesionals

Monday, March 11, 2019 – 10:42

In an ever-changing world of technological innovation, we have seen the face of industry evolve into massive autonomous think tanks. Technology has made it possible to interact with the world all from the palm of your hand. Imagine a group of five people discussing notes, in synergy, all learning from each other but each of them are on different continents.

Innovative ideas and inventions have bridged the gap of time and space and are about to get better with the addition of Artificial Intelligence.

Flashback to 2004 when the release of the movie i-robot starring Will Smith brought to the fore the idea of A.I. (robots) interacting and assisting humans with everyday tasks. What if we told you that life is about to imitate art?

A Forbes article forecasted 2019 to be the year that A.I. interaction will treble. The use of A.I. applications such as Siri would continue to grow and include a greater range of tasks. It would no longer simply be the weather and traffic update but more diverse duties like operating home equipment via voice command. The article also went on to illustrate the role of A.I. within companies not just as an optional technology but as an extension of the business.

As a College that has been a leader in distance learning for over 112 years, we have also continued to evolve our programme offering to ensure you are on par with the latest technological trends.

Studying one of our technical school programmes will allow you to master the corporate sector and create smart solutions to its challenges. You will be imbued with the skills and knowledge to ensure that all facets of company deliverables are achieved. This advance in technology has meant that workplace best-practice procedures are constantly evolving. You will possess the knowledge to manage a system that provides better communication between an organisation and its customers.

The active functioning and productivity of the work environment depends on the synergy between the workforce and technology used.

Because the business world is constantly experiencing change, global supply chains for example, are becoming dated. This is causing them to struggle when they need to adapt to manufacturing location changes or generate large product volumes using cost-effective techniques. While China continues to be a major producer of the world’s goods, some companies are shifting their production closer to home for protection against foreign market and political changes. The business world is demanding skilled workers who can spot complications and enact effective solutions.

South Africa’s unemployment rate is at an all-time high and with the challenge of affordable education still being a hurdle, many students are unable to pursue their dreams.

*A recent report that contained the 2017 results from the ‘Critical skills survey’ which was done to ascertain South Africa’s skills gap. ‘76.74% of those surveyed agreed that there is, in fact, a skills shortage in South Africa’

Ensuring greater skills would allow South Africa to be a key player in the global market.

The need for working professionals vs those that are available to fill those positions is a cause of concern to many employers.

**In the June 2018 Government Gazette, The Department of Home Affairs cites technology, engineering and information communication as just three of the many fields that require skilled workers.

INTEC has found the perfect solution to bridge that gap between further studies and the work sector by offering programmes that specialise in these specific fields.

We also provide an ideal platform for students to seek possible employability via a fully functioning student employment centre called Work-it.

All of this is presented in a learning format that is affordable and flexible. Distance learning will allow you to enjoy the benefits of pursuing a qualification at your own pace while simultaneously earning an income at your current job.

INTEC’s technical school programmes give you the theoretical and practical knowledge to carefully facilitate new technology seamless into the workflow process.

You will be comfortable working with and around technology when required. This allows a seamless integration into an organisation’s current operations and existing practices and policies.

Sharing the office or work floor with artificial intelligence may happen sooner than you expected.

Are you ready to propel yourself into a future of innovation and most importantly success? If you answered yes, then that future begins today.

Visit the Intec website for an array of technical school programmes designed for adaptability and enhanced skills.

Source: Skillsportal.co.za

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