Tuesday Life Hack: 6 tricks to help you fall asleep

Autumn is upon us and this means that days are getting shorter, nights are longer and there’s a slight difference in our sleep cycles. For many who struggle to sleep already, here are some ideas to help you along.

1. Blink fast

It sounds crazy but if you blink fast for a while it makes your eyes tired and tired eyes help you fall asleep.

2. Count backwards

Some count sheep, some count panels on the ceiling but the easiest way to make yourself tired before sleeping is counting from 99 backwards. Most people won’t get to 50.

3. Create a story

Before you fall asleep, concoct an elaborate tale like the ones you may have read as a child. Creating stories inside your head will reduce anxiety and help you relax and eventually fall asleep.

4. Don’t pick a side

Although it is said that sleeping on your right side helps you fall asleep faster than the left side, studies have shown that training yourself to sleep on your back is the best position. Sleeping on your side can cause chronic pain over time.

5. Stretch your body

Stretching 5 minutes before you go to bed will help relax your body making it easier to fall asleep. You’ll also find a more comfortable position to sleep in.

6. Take notes

Note the position you find yourself in when you wake up in the morning. This is probably your most comfortable position and knowing this before you go to bed will help you fall asleep quicker.

Source: Capricorn Review