Tuesday Life Hack: 5 genius household cleaning hacks

Have you ever thought to yourself “there must be an easier way” when it comes to cleaning? Whether you enjoy cleaning or not, knowing some tricks that will make the experience a little more pleasant or easier is always beneficial. Here are some household cleaning hacks that are worth a try.

1. Need a magic stain remover?

Stubborn stains can cause such a headache when you’re cleaning. Try mixing a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Cover the stain with a small amount and leave for an hour or two. When you return, the stain will be gone.

2. Want to unblock a toilet without a plunger?

If you find yourself in a predicament where your toilet is blocked and you have to try and unblock it without a plunger try this: Pour a fair amount of dishwashing liquid or soap into the toilet bowl, add hot water (not boiling). Leave it for a few minutes, the soap and water should break down the blockage.

3. In a rush to dry clothes in the wash?

Throw a dry bath towel into the washing machine with the rest of your wet clothes and they will dry faster. By adding a pinch of salt to your laundry you will make your clothes brighter.

4. Does your drain need unclogging?

Take one cup of baking soda and mix it with one cup of white vinegar and you will have a sure-fire solution to unclogging your drain before rushing to call a plumber.

5. Need a repair manual for almost everything?

Visit iFixit.com and type in your problem and you can download a repair manual for your specific problem.

Source: Capricorn Review