Ten dynamic women honoured at Women of Destiny South Africa (WODSA) awards

LIMPOPO – Ten dynamic Limpopo women from various institutions received awards from Women of Destiny South Africa (WODSA). They held a special 10th anniversary celebration function at Kone Village in Ha-Ramantsha on Saturday.

Naledi Senye, the founder of WODSA, said that women would continue to be the subject of ridicule and be exposed to poverty and abuse if they did not change their mindset. “It is all in the mind – your destiny, failures and achievements are all what you think, and you can decide to break free from the web of abuse and dependency.

“God brought you here for a purpose. You are the light of the world and you could make a big difference in the community by just living exemplary lives. Many people would be lured to God’s fold by just looking at you,” she said. Senye added that women fail today and get entangled in a web of poverty and abuse because they are not independent.

“God did not bring you into this world to be beggars but to be independent people with economic freedom. Economic freedom can only be achieved if women are united,” said Senye.

Naledi Senye (founder, WODSA) hands over an award to Dr Dephney Mathebula.

The guest speaker, Dr Dephney Mathebula, urged the recipients to see themselves as professional people in the community.

“This is a launch pad for your careers.” She also criticised women who frequent taverns and pubs, even though they have no money to procure beverages for themselves.

Mathebula encouraged women to start self-sustainable projects such as home gardens as it could be a source of food for their families and also provide an extra income. She issued a warning to people who abuse women and children. “Any form of women and child abuse should be reported to the police or community leaders. Women abusers have no room in our community.”

Dr Irene Mawela (veteran musician) receives an award from Naledi Senye.

One of the recipients, pastor Violet Liremi, said the award would motivate her to work even harder to develop women. “I am excited as I have received other awards, but this one is special in that it is from a very distinguished institution like WODSA,” she said.

She urged local women to start doing things for themselves. “Women should stand up and do things that will change their lives. Gone are the days when women used to depend on men. It is time to stand up for ourselves and change our lives for the better.

The other women who received awards are Irene Mawela (musician), Noria Mabasa (internationally acclaimed sculptor and potter), Beka Ntsanwisi (founder, Vakhegula-Vakhegula), Dr Dephney Mathebula (first South African woman to obtain a PhD in mathematics), Mankoko Mokhari (Thobela FM’s breakfast show), Dr Khensani Selina Maluleke (founder, Solomon’s Porch Worship Tabernacle Ministries), Priscillah Mabelane (CEO of BP Southern Africa), Tumelo Queen Seakamela (qualified social worker) and Mary Mohloding (torchbearer for her community and advisor to Kgoshi Seakamela wa Bobedi).

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Source: Capricorn Review