Need to renew your driver’s licence? Here’s how

The Department of Transport and Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) developed a new innovative solution to ease the process of applying for vehicle driving licences and combat corruption by minimising the manipulation of the process by unscrupulous officials.

The old system of renewing your licence resulted in applicants having to queue for between 140-180 minutes at a testing station. This process was also fraught with corruption as officials at the licensing centres had an incentive to withhold available bookings for lucrative payments from willing applicants.

RTMC developed a system that allows motorists to make pre-bookings online for the renewal of their driver’s licences and learner’s licences. Although it’s currently only available in Gauteng, some traffic departments across the country have begun phasing out the old system and won’t allow you to queue at the testing station to renew your licence. Here’s how the new system works:

How do you know if your driver’s licence is expiring?

A driver’s licence is valid for five years before it has to be renewed. On the licence card, the date of expiry will show below your licence number. According to the South African government, licences must be renewed four weeks before the printed expiry date.

Reminders are usually sent via email but this system can be unreliable so it’s best to set a reminder on your phone.

How do you book your driver’s licence appointment?

If you want to apply for a written learner’s licence or book your driver’s licence or a professional driving permit you need to visit

Click on one of the tabs on the homepage that are applicable to you:

Use this web page to schedule a date and time to apply for your learner’s, driver’s licence card renewal or driver’s licence test and fill in the form:

Once you’ve filled in your details, click next. Note that there is a warning message regarding your eye test when you are renewing your DL card:

Once you’ve read this message the next page will open confirming your personal details and it will ask you which testing centre you would like to book at. Currently, the system is only applicable to Gauteng testing centres. Next to the testing centres, you will then see how many slots are available. These are updated in real-time but pose a challenge if your area is fully booked up leading up to your expiry date.

Once you’ve picked a testing centre, click next and pick a date and time. The next page will confirm your personal details once more and allow you to make the booking.

What are the challenges in this new system?

A lot of people will struggle to find an available testing centre within the timeline of their expiry date. The best way to handle this is to phone their helpline with your query 0861400800.

Source: Capricorn Review