How to be a clever consumer in a silly season

There are only two ways to decorate a Christmas tree. The first way is to throw the decorations at the tree and hope they stick. The second is to slowly and carefully place each decoration in a specific place. You may decorate your tree as you see fit, but when it comes to shopping we suggest you take the relaxed approach and visit

Being a considered consumer during the holidays is easier said than done. Festive fever affects everyone differently, but there is one symptom common in all cases: impulse buying.  You go to the shops to buy some bread and milk, the fever takes hold, and you return with a porter pool, a dart board and a mountain bike.  By the end of the holidays your garage cupboards are full of clutter and your wallet is empty. Plan your shopping before leaving home on a platform committed to bringing you all the fantastic retail promotions:

Last minute gift buying is also a popular manifestation of festive fever.  Start now, consider your gifts carefully and keep your receipts.  An American study done in 2017 by the National Retail Federation revealed that 28% of all Christmas gifts were returned, to the value of $90 billion. None of us are going to save $90 billion, but with a few clicks on you can plan exactly what deals to take advantage of.  So even if your dad does return the underpants you bought him and buys a pair of crocs (bright green), at least you got the best deal.

By the time 2020 arrives your considered approach to surviving festive fever should have started to reap some benefits, your wallet is full of money and your garage cupboards are empty. January is one of the best times to have extra money. Firstly because when the year starts we initiate all our new endeavors; houses, flats, universities, schools and jobs which have financial requirements. And secondly has all the deals to compare from all the major retailers. In particular January will see bring you all the deals on big ticket items like furniture, appliances and electronics.

There are only two ways to take down your Christmas tree. You can shove it in box with decorations still attached. Or you can carefully pick each decoration off and pack them away individually. We do not have any preference regarding your Christmas clean up, but when it comes to picking deals we suggest you visit

Source: Capricorn Review