Gift ideas for the family

The holidays are just around the corner. Instead of picking the regular, cliché gifts for your family, why not opt for something creative and unique? Guzzle understands how difficult it can be to choose the perfect gifts for your loved ones, that’s why we’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of interesting gift ideas you can incorporate into your festive shopping budget!

1. An ice-cream maker

Who doesn’t like ice-cream? An ice-cream maker can make a yummy treat in approximately 20 minutes. The best part is; some ice-cream makers can also make sherbet, sorbet and frozen yogurt. The young and elderly in the family will enjoy making a frozen treat of their choice.

2. Movie projector and movie night basket

Holiday time is the one time of the year that is emphasised as ‘family time’, one way to spend more time with your family is to gift them with a movie projector and movie night basket. Host an indoor movie night by streaming movies online whilst snacking on the snacks in the basket. If possible, you can also host an outdoor movie night on a cool summer night.

3. Wall Art

How about sprucing up your family home’s aesthetic? This is easy with wall art, which you can buy in various sizes and frames. Wall art can bring life to a seemingly dull space. It can also be used to hang family pictures around your home, making it simple to revisit nostalgic moments.

4. Escape room

Instead of buying a material object, why not buy an experience? An escape room is a real life adventure game that involves a plethora of puzzles and riddles that are strategically placed in a room. The goal is to solve all the mysteries and eventually escape from the room — hence the name escape room. This is a fun, hands-on activity that can also serve as a bonding activity for the whole family.

5. Pottery maker

A pottery maker is a unique gift to give for the holidays. The best part about this gift, is that much like the other items on this list, it can be enjoyed by all members of the family. This can be a creative outlet and a bonding activity as well.

6. Board games

There are an array of board games that can serve as a fun and exciting gift. Board games are great because they are interactive and can be kept for a long period. They also serve as a great mechanism for facilitating family time.

7. Holiday themed costumes

Who said themed costumes are solely reserved for Halloween? A great way to have more fun with your family this festive season is to gift them with themed costumes where the entire family can cosplay as their favourite characters.

Source: Capricorn Review