Finding a job that’s perfect for you

Friday, March 8, 2019 – 13:57

Maybe your idea of the perfect job includes a 6 figure salary and a corner office. Holding onto this idea could be cutting you off from other exciting employment benefits.

Money isn’t the only reward for your time and expertise, neither can it guarantee a fulfilling and successful career.

Perhaps it’s time to open your mind to new possibilities. Here are some employment benefits that can make the work you do truly satisfying and rewarding.


Are you interested in flexi-time? This is a major perk, especially if you are a working student or a parent. Flexi-time gives you the freedom to schedule your work around your lifestyle which improves your work life balance and leads to a greater happiness .

Jobs in this category: Project manager, plumber, massage therapist, mechanic, substitute teacher

Travel options

Some people were simply not made to sit in an office all day. If you love to be on the go there are many careers that will enable you to travel. Whether you choose to travel for short or long distances is up to you. You don’t need to save up or wait to see the world, you can start now.

Jobs in this category: Tour guide, sales representative, translator, air plane steward, reporter, english teacher

Remote working

Technology has made remote working a reality. Remote working allows you to perform your duties where ever you are thereby eliminating drive time and other obstacles to productivity and success. Now you can spend your time doing the things you really love.

Jobs in this category: Graphic designer, virtual assistant, freelance writer, software developer, tutor

Networking opportunities

Jobs not only pay the bills, they can open doors to once in a lifetime opportunities. For example working in the entertaining industry or in government might give you access to world leaders, global experts and celebrities. The opportunity to meet prominent figures or attend high profile events are perks of certain jobs.

Jobs in this category: Event manager, script writer, publicist, chef, stylist, presenter, sports journalist

Don’t let money be the primary factor in your career choice. Look at all your abilities and interests and pursue a path that will truly satisfy your passions and meet your needs.

By Cindy Payle – Portal Publishing


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