Eskom extends loadshedding into Friday

“This is as a result of an improved prognosis for the day as some generating units return to service,” said Eskom in a statement released this morning.

“Our pumped storage schemes have been sufficiently replenished, and we continue to work to improve on the levels of diesel at our open cycle gas turbine generators. These emergency reserves will be used to supplement generation capacity today. Our intention is, however, to use as little diesel as possible in order to manage our costs. Our diesel generators will therefore only be used in the event of emergencies to back up our other units,” they continued.

Eskom said that their teams continue to work around the clock to return units from planned and unplanned outages. “Owing to inadequate maintenance over a number of years, the system remains vulnerable to unplanned outages or breakdowns which are at 12 098 MW as at 4 am on Friday morning,” they said.

They reminded customers that loadshedding is an essential and controlled measure to ensure that the integrity of the grid is not compromised.

You can check your loadshedding schedule on Eskom’s website or through the customer contact centre on 0860037566.

You can also check your loadshedding schedule by downloading the Eskom Push app.

Eskom assured customers it would provide updates for tomorrow and their plan for the weekend.

“We continue to ask customers to reduce demand as a concerted collective effort can help to avoid or reduce the level of loadshedding,” said Eskom.

Source: Capricorn Review