DIY Summer Hacks with Guzzle

Summer is here. This means that the weather is getting hotter, making it increasingly harder to stay cool and be comfortable. The heat can result in a surge of power use, water and spending. To assist you in mitigating wastage, have a look at the following DIY summer hacks.

1. Use a Ziplock to keep ice cream soft

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to scoop up some ice cream into a bowl on a hot summer day and being unable to, because your ice cream has hardened and caused your spoon to get stuck. There’s an easy way to prevent this, as well as crystals in your ice cream (also known as freezer burn). Simply place your ice cream tub in a Ziplock bag to keep it soft and free from crystals.

2. Prevent your drinks from getting watered down

To prevent your drinks from getting watered down, freeze ice cubes of the beverage you wish to consume. These flavoured ice cubes can then be used to keep your drink cold and the best part is, unlike ice cubes made from water, your drink will not water down and will therefore retain its taste.

3. Natural aloe vera sunburn relief

Sitting in the sun without an adequate SPF on can have disastrous consequences. To treat sunburn, rub aloe vera on the affected area. Aloe vera will prevent your skin from peeling and also assist with your skin’s healing process.

4. Keep your feet sweat free and fresh with deodorant

To keep your feet from sweating and smelling during the summer, use talcum powder. It will assist in keeping sweat and odours at bay. Another way to prevent sweat and odour is to slide a roll-on deodorant on the bottom of your feet.

5. Use talcum powder to get rid of beach sand

Did you know that, you can use talcum powder to get rid of beach sand? By powdering yourself with talcum prior to entering your house, the beach sand will become very easy to brush off.

6. Toothpaste for mosquito bites

Mosquito bites can be extremely difficult to not scratch. To minimise the itchiness of a mosquito bite, use toothpaste on the bite to decrease the swelling and build-up of fluid.

7. Doritos as a fire starter

If you have run out of materials to kindle your fire, you can use Doritos as an alternative option.

8. Simple, natural grill cleaner

An easy way to clean a dirty grill is to chop an onion in half and scrape off the grease and dirt on your grill using the exposed side. This is safer and cheaper than using chemicals.

Source: Capricorn Review