7 Safety tips all women should know

Yes, we all know to carry pepper spray and to never leave a drink unattended, but what else can women do to keep themselves safe?
In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to spend time worrying about the best ways to stay safe. But until we live in that world, these tips could save your life.

1. Don’t be distracted

Awareness is crucial for spotting dangerous situations and giving you as much time as possible to respond to them. Stay off your phone while you’re driving or walking so that your eyes can scan your surrounds for anything that’s out of place. That way your hands will also be free if you need to react.

2. Download this emergency response app

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3. Carry a power bank

In the age of the smartphone, running out of battery power isn’t just an inconvenience, it means you’re cut off from help if you need it. Invest in a small power bank and charging cable to keep in your handbag and make sure that a low battery won’t ever stand in the way of you feeling secure.

4. Trust your instincts

If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, do whatever you need to do to feel safe and secure. Whether that means saying no to someone asking for directions, driving around the block five times to make sure no one’s following you or shouting for help, you shouldn’t think twice about taking action for your protection. Don’t worry that people will think you’re overreacting or being rude – your safety is the priority, not other people’s feelings.

5. Leaving and arriving

Parking lots and driveways provide an opportunity for criminals. Have everything you need at the ready before you get to your driveway – this is not the time to be scratching around in your bag for your keys.
When you’re out and about, choose parking spots that are well lit and open, try not to park next to anything large that could obstruct your view (think walls or big cars) and don’t walk between cars.

6. Keep your keys close

You wouldn’t give a stranger access to your bank card, right? Well, you should treat your house keys in the same way. Don’t leave them lying around in public places or in your car and don’t ever hand them over to anyone (like a mechanic or car wash attendant). It’s far too easy to make copies of keys, so never let them out of your sight.

7. Check your route

It’s always a good idea to thoroughly research a route before you drive somewhere new, especially if you’re going to be driving at night. Make sure you’re comfortable with the areas you’ll be driving through and think about how safe you’d feel if you broke down somewhere along the way. Always choose the route that feels safer, even if it’s longer.

And of course, whatever happens, never pull over. Rather drive to the nearest public space or alert emergency services if it looks like someone else needs help.

Source: Capricorn Review