10 tweets you have to see from the #WooliesWaterChallenge

Woolworths has since confirmed that they have been in contact with the students who posted the initial video and that they were planning a collaboration with them.

The video shows the “power of Woolies water”. The students speak English with an isiZulu accent but after they each have a sip of the Woolies water they suddenly speak English with a typical “model c” South African accent.

The video had South Africans in stitches and it began trending all over social media. Here are some of the top tweets and reactions to the #WooliesWaterChallenge.

1. The white guy who speaks isiZulu

2. The Woolies employee drinking milk

3. The Khanyi Mbau and Bonang Matheba transformation

4. The babies to politicians transformation

5. A The key component to upgrading your partner

6. Miracle water for the masses

7. These guys prove that even Woolies milk does the trick

8. It even works on cars

9. Literally anything and anyone can be exquisite after Woolies spring water

10. Even the president is featured

Source: Capricorn Review